Inquisitive, open-minded, non-elitist, from different backgrounds/ futures/ points of view, keen to hear new things and to think about music/ art/ ideas…you?

One way you'd traditionally define this kind of thing. Maybe also “experimental”. But let's ignore these, not think of “this kind of thing” as too haughty. Think of it more like a state of mind maybe, an inquisitive one.

4. “There's always been an avant-garde, in the sense that someone, somewhere is always trying to do something which adds to the possibilities for everybody, and that that large everybody will some day follow this somebody and use whatever innovations were made.”—Dick Higgins

It's a world leading1, once a year collection of events that looks at different ideas about sound and music.
It includes some of the most inspired musicians (and artists from many different artforms)2 in the world, in Glasgow, for 3 days.
Maybe you've not heard of some of them, maybe you have. It doesn't matter. Come along, no prior knowledge needed.3
It's over a weekend, and has a bunch of different performances, talks, workshops, extras and so on…

1. Other people say stuff like that, not just us: The Wire, Plan B, The Guardian, The Scotsman and the like…(some more trustworthy than others)
2. A few e.g's: minimalism, sound poetry, performance and live art, fluxus, political activism and organising, conceptual art, sound art, radio art, aktionism, choral singing, software development, sculpture, auto-destructive art…
3. It's not like you have to sit an exam to dig artists trying out new artistic things.

The Arches, Glasgow, Scotland, UK. £10 day pass / £25 festival pass. £20 early bird festival pass - book before 20 February
Tickets from +44(0)141 565 1000
If you would like a programme posted to you please email with your address. with your address.